Heidi Andrade

Associate Professor

B.A. University at Massachusetts/Boston
M.Ed Harvard University
Ed.D. Harvard University

Email: HAndrade@albany.edu

Dr. Andrade joined the faculty of the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology in the Fall of 2002. She came to UAlbany after three years at Ohio University. Prior to taking a position at OU, she spent eleven years at Harvard University, where she earned her masters and doctoral degrees and worked on a variety of teaching, research, and development initiatives at Harvard Project Zero. Her work focuses on the relationships between thinking, learning, and assessment, with an emphasis on student self-assessment. Dr. Andrade has designed thinking-centered instruction and assessments for classrooms, after-school programs, children's television shows, and CD-ROMs. She has written numerous articles, including an award-winning article for Educational Leadership (1997), and has co-authored two books: Teaching through projects: Creating effective learning environments (1995) and Thinking connections: Learning to think and thinking to learn (1994).

Representative Publications

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