Undergraduate Opportunities

The School of Education offers undergraduate students a combination of exploratory opportunities that can provide a strong foundation for graduate study. Subsequent graduate study can lead to New York State classroom teacher certification or numerous other career options in education. The University does NOT offer teacher certification programs at the Undergraduate level.

There is an 18-credit minor for those who want an undergraduate concentration in education.

In addition, our students take advantage of pre-professional opportunities related to education through the Future Educators’ Club and Kappa Delta Pi.

Undergraduate CoursesTo support undergraduates’ career explorations, the School offers more than 50 courses — eleven of which count toward General Education requirements. Offerings are in such diverse areas as Counseling Psychology, Education, Educational Administration, Educational and Social Thought, Educational Psychology and Methodology, Educational Theory and Practice, Literacy Teaching and Learning, School Psychology, and Special Education.

Community Service EDU 390 - Through community service, junior and senior undergraduates have an opportunity to gain insight regarding their roles as citizens and professionals in meeting the educational needs of the community's youth, while earning credits toward their degree. This course can be repeated for a maximum of six credits.  As of Spring 2013, EDU 390 will have a prerequisite.  Students must have taken either EPSY 200 or TEPS 200 prior to receiving permission to enroll in EDU 390.

Educational Studies Minor - Targeted to interests in classroom teaching, educational/counseling psychology, and education in society, this 18-credit minor invites undergraduates to study issues in education and gather experience in educational settings. Though not a requirement for subsequent graduate study, the Education Studies minor, when coupled with a strong preparation in a subject matter area, can offer a powerful preparation for career options in a variety of human services.

Future Educators’ Club - The Future Educators’ Club (FEC) is for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the field of education. The Club discusses hot topics in teaching, school psychology, educational administration, higher education, and more. It also allows undergraduates interested in education careers to meet regardless of major or participation in the Education Studies minor.

Pathways Into Education Center – The Pathways Into Education Center (PIE) is the “one-stop shop” for advisement about School of Education courses, the undergraduate minor, graduate degree programs, and issues related to professional certification in education. Prospective and non-degree students, undergraduate students, and graduate students with questions about professional certification and career options are welcome to visit the Center.

A Philosophy of Undergraduate Education

The School’s approach to undergraduate education is amply supported by research indicating that undergraduate students are best prepared for careers in education when they supplement their rigorous college majors with educational courses. During this time, students consider their futures within education while mastering content knowledge and developing personal skills.

This balance proves invaluable, both in enabling students to work with a wide range of populations and to address educational policy issues. Students can continue with graduate study in areas such as: