A Tradition of Excellence

from Robert L. Bangert-Drowns, Dean of the School of Education

The University at Albany’s School of Education sustains two passions. We produce the best leaders in education – teachers, researchers, policy-makers, administrators, mental health counselors, reading specialists, professors, school psychologists, corporate trainers, instructional technologists, special educators. And we produce new knowledge about human differences and strategies for capitalizing on those differences, about the support of mental well-being and the development of new capabilities for all. Hand in glove, nurturing professional practice and championing professional knowledge are inseparable parts of the everyday life of our School.

Our commitment to educational research is nothing new. Some 100 years ago, the faculty of what was then the New York State College for Teachers explicitly dedicated themselves to the systematic study of education and the dissemination of that knowledge to professionals throughout the state and nation. This commitment is even more essential to the integrity of education now. Special interests and political ideologies too often hold sway in the determination of resources, goals, and practices of educational enterprises. These decisions must be informed by disciplined inquiry and a keenness for human learning, mental health, and development.

Ranked in the top 20% of Schools of Education in the country that confer doctoral degrees, the University at Albany School of Education is proud to document its products of the last year in this eleventh edition of A Tradition of Excellence. We serve the Empire State, but our reach is worldwide through international students and collaborators and our publications and presentations. We invite you to inquire with us about processes that make us stronger, about the dispositions that foster democracy, about the means that optimize learning and human development, in and out of classrooms, across the lifespan, and around the globe.

Keep in touch… and celebrate the joy of learning!


Robert L. Bangert-Drowns, Ph.D.
School of Education
University at Albany


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