Community Service EDU 390


We have made changes to the EDU 390 registration process as well as the requirements for this course.  As of Spring 2013, EDU 390 will have a prerequisite.  Students must have taken either EPSY 200 or TEPS 200 prior to receiving permission to enroll in EDU 390.  If you have any questions, please contact the EDU 390 Coordinator/Education Minor Advisor.

What is community service in education?

Where can I do community service?

What kind of commitment is required for a community service course?

How do I set up my community service project and get registered?

What do I need to do at the end of my community service project?

Q1: What is community service in education?

A: Through community service, students have an opportunity to gain insight regarding their roles as citizens and professionals in meeting the educational needs of the community. As students exercise social responsibility, they develop an increased awareness of the challenges of contemporary life, particularly as these relate to the broadly defined educational goals of their society. STUDENTS MUST BE AT LEAST SECOND SEMESTER SOPHOMORES TO REGISTER FOR EDU 390.

Q2: Where can I do community service?

A: Your service will typically be in a context outside of the University at Albany, and in a volunteer capacity, with organizations that work in local school districts.  Please visit the Pathways Into Education Center in ED 127 for a complete list of approved Community Service sites.

As of Fall 2012, daycare centers will no longer be acceptable sites for EDU 390. UKids nor Harriman Daycare Center will be approved sites for completion of the EDU 390 requirement.

*Students who are work-study approved may complete their work-study hours at these sites while simultaneously earning credit for EDU390.

Q3: What kind of commitment is required for a community service course?

A: Community service courses may be taken for a minimum of 3 credits per semester, and may be repeated once for credit, with a maximum of 6 credits that can count toward your degree. For each credit, you must complete 35 hours of service (example: 105 hours of service = 3 credits). Students are required to maintain a journal throughout the semester documenting the dates and hours of service, and what educationally-related activities were performed during this time. A separate daily time sheet indicating the dates, time in and time out, total number of hours must be signed by the project advisor/site supervisor. It is important to be realistic about the amount of time you can commit, as young people and organizations will be counting on you. 

Q4: How do I set up my community service project and get registered?

A: EDU 390 placements must be set-up through the Pathways Into Education (PIE) Center, ED 127. A completed application approved by the Educational Studies Undergraduate Advisor (PIE Center) and signed by the site supervisor are required prior to the release of course registration permission numbers. Each site is slightly different – please do not contact any of the sites until you have met with one of the EDU 390 Coordinators in the Pathways Into Education Center. Students are responsible for agreeing upon duties, and scheduling hours for their placements. A brief description of the community service assignment describing what the student hopes to accomplish along with the site supervisor’s signature are required on the application form. Students must also read and sign a Community Service Guidelines agreement. The completed application form and Guideline agreement is due no later than the last day for late registration each semester. Incomplete applications will not be considered. You will be required to attend a brief Orientation prior to beginning your Community Service hours.

Students must complete EDU 390 during the semester they are registered for the course. EDU 390 credits will not be awarded to any previous volunteer work. Additionally, work completed over the summer will not be counted retroactively for EDU 390 during the academic year. Summer sessions of EDU 390 are available every year.

You can pick up an EDU 390 description & application from the Pathways Into Education Center, ED 127.

Q5: What do I need to do at the end of my community service project?

A: During the semester you must create daily online journal entries, and at the conclusion of your community service semester, you must turn in the signed time-sheet AND the Post-Service Assessment Form, with feedback from both you and your supervisor and confirmation of your hours. This form requires you to write a brief review and assessment of your participation in EDU 390 describing how your chosen site benefited from your service and what educational benefits you derived from the experience.

EDU 390 is a S/U graded course. You must complete on-line journal entries through Blackboard, and turn in the Post-Service Assessment Form and time-sheet signed by your project advisor/site supervisor, on or before the last day of classes for the semester in order to receive credit. It is your responsibility to submit your completed documentation to the Pathways Into Education Center, ED 127 (442-4990). Grades of “Incomplete” will not be issued for EDU 390, so be sure to complete all hours prior to the end of the semester.

Please Note:
The EDU390 Community Service Course is not intended for use as student teaching experience toward teacher certification. It is a course designed to encourage students to participate in public and community service within the field of education. It is not part of a state recognized teacher preparation program, and therefore does not meet NYS requirements for a student teaching experience.