Special Education Degrees

Whether you are already a certified teacher or are just beginning your exploration into teaching, we offer a Special Education program that fits your needs. Our graduates have specialized knowledge in areas such as working with students with disabilities, literacy instruction and inclusion.

Prepares students to teach Childhood Education (1-6), Students with Disabilities Generalist (7-12) and (1-6).
Not a teacher but want to be? This degree is the one for you!

Designed for those already certified in Childhood Education but who also want to teach special education or literacy.

This degree is only open to those that hold certification in both Childhood and Special Education and are looking to satisfy requirements for Professional certification. 

Available to those that are certified in Childhood Education, this degree prepares teachers to work with students with disabilities that are included in their classrooms. 
Special Education (Internship Certificate) MS-
Childhood Education certificate holders looking to be certified in Special Education also can meet their needs through this one year degree.