Online Education

Looking for an online education program? Looking for a program about online education? The School of Education has both! We offer several degrees that meet the ever changing needs of today's learners and encourage you to explore them below. 

Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology (CDIT) MS-

Offered both online and on campus, this degree meets not only the NYSED master's degree requirement for Professional certification, but is open to anyone interested in learning about CDIT. 

Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT)-

COLT meets the needs of those who teach or plan to work in public and private schools, administer online programs, support online faculty, develop online curriculum, or deliver online training in a wide variety of settings.  

Early Childhood/Childhood Education (Literacy) MS-

Available for those with a valid Initial teaching certificate in either Early Childhood or Childhood Education, this degree is a great way to satisfy education requirements for Professional certification. 

Reading MS-

Intended for people who routinely work in literacy settings, yet not in the traditional B-12 school settings requiring teacher certification.