Education Finance Research Consortium
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Symposium Papers

Every few years, the Governing Board of the Consortium chooses a symposium topic and assembles a panel of education experts from around the country.  The panelists are charged with examining an issue at the forefront of education policy.  The panel members analyze the issue or a specific area of the chosen issue in depth, examine its relevance to New York State education policy, and prepare a paper on their analysis.  The papers are then presented and discussed at a public symposium. 

Final policy reports from the 2004 Symposium on Education Finance and Organization Structure and the 2000 Symposium on the Teaching Workforce are listed below. These papers are in .pdf format, and require Adobe Acrobat to read.  To request a copy of "The Teaching Workforce", which includes the listed papers, please contact the Consortium at the phone or email listed below. Hard copies of the 2004 Symposium report are available and can be requested by email to or by calling 518-442-3862.