Degree Level: PhD

Department: Educational Policy and Leadership

School or College: School of Education

Track: Higher Education Leadership, School Leadership, Educational Policy

Program Curriculum: http://www.albany.edu/graduatebulletin/ed_policy_leadership_phd_degree.htm

Required Credentials




Supplemental Documents

All Schools Attended

(applicants may submit up to 5 letters; see Special Notes below)

Personal Statement of Goals, Educational Leadership Essay (see Special Notes below), Academic Writing Sample (see Special Notes below)



  Fall Spring Summer
Departmental Assistantship Consideration Feb. 15
Oct. 1   Not Available  
No Departmental Assistantship Consideration Rolling   Rolling   Not Available  


Special Notes:

Candidates should not use letters, personal statement of goals or resume submitted for a prior application. Wherever possible, at least two of the letters of recommendation should be from faculty members, at least one of those from a full-time faculty member.  Wherever possible, applicants should submit an English-language sample of their academic work (e.g., course term paper).

Please submit an educational leadership essay responding to the following question. The response should not exceed 800 words. 

Identify a current state, national, or international problem, dilemma, or controversial situation affecting educational leaders in either the k-12 or higher education fields.  Describe the nature of the issue, effective strategies for addressing the issue, and the role of an effective leader in implementing those strategies.    

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