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Eco496 Assignments for Spring 2017


Do in February:

Get to know the University's Career Services center, which is located at Science Library G-50 and at


If you wish to be involved in On-Campus Recruiting, which is a good idea, you need to attend an orientation session and sign up for interviews very early in the semester.

Do in October:

Read What Color is Your Parachute? 2014 Edition, Ten Speed Press (paperback), by Richard N. Bolles, which is available in the bookstore for this course. This is "the best-selling job-hunting book in the world".

You might also peruse Bolles' website, which is located at: www.jobhuntersbible.com

Due by October 20:

Think carefully about the questions "What skills do you most enjoy using?" and "Where do you want to use your skills?" (not a locational question) that are discussed in Bolles. Write up your answers in a polished, typed paper about three pages in length.

Note: The purpose of this assignment is to have you think systematically about what would be a good job and career for you.

Due by December 12:

  1. Write a short paper (about three pages, polished and typed) that describes and evaluates your internship experience. This should include a description of your activities and an evaluation of the company (or agency) and your intern mentor. Information in your paper may be used to advise students in the future, but your confidentiality will be respected.

  2. Hand in a letter from your sponsoring organization or intern mentor, stating that you have satisfactorily completed the internship.


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