Economics PhD Students

The following is a list of the Ph.D students in the Economics department. Personal homepages, when available, are linked to student names.
  CHATTERJEE, Soumyadeb BA 127B
  CHEN, Xi
  CHENG, Na BA 121A
  CHENG, Rui BA 129K
  DIETHORN, Holden BA 123B
  YUAN, Fang BA 125B
  FERDOUSI, Wahida BA 129A
  FU, Liang BA 126
  HWANG, Seongeun BA 127B
  JERISON,Amalia BA 129A
  KANG, Gusang BA 123B
  KIM, Jihye BA 126
  KIM, Kyonghoon BA 121B
  KIM, Minhee BA 125B
  LEE, Jaiwon BA 127B
  LEE, Jungtaek BA 123C
  LEE, Minhee BA 125C
  LI, Fangning BA 123B
  LI, Siyang BA 123A
  LI, Xian BA 121C
  LI, Xin
  LIU, Xiangshi BA 121B
  LU, Yunan BA 123C
  LU, Zheyuan BA 129F
  MAHMUD, Mir BA 127A
  MAKATE, Marshall BA 129F
  MIN, Soonhong BA 126
  MORIWAKI, Daisuke
  NGO, Duong BA 125B
  NGUYEN, Dung BA 112
  NOMURA, Akihiro BA 127B
  NUNEZ, Allison BA 123B
  RAMAPRASAD, Savita BA 125A
  SARAF, Richa BA 129A
  SHAN, Rongzi BA 126
  SIWACH, Garima BA 125A
  SUN, Qi BA 125B
  WANG, Wuwei BA 127A
  WANG, Yichuan BA 127B
  XU, Linna BA 129K
  YANG, Cheng BA 126
  YIN, Yimeng BA 129K
  YU, Cong BA 121C
  YU, Huifeng BA 121B
  ZHOU, Sifan
  ZHU, Xiaoqi BA 121A
  ZOU, Yu BA 123A