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Department of Economics Highlights, June 2014 — May 2015

1. Betty Daniel published “A Graceful Return of the Drachma” European Economic Review, 71 (October 2014), 228-243.

2. Betty Daniel’s paper “Implications of Productive Government Spending for Fiscal Policy,” co-authored with Si Gao is forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

3. Betty Daniel presented “Predicting Sovereign Fiscal Crises: High-Debt Developed Countries,”co-authored with Christos Shiamptanis, at the Royal Economic Society, Manchester, England, March 30, 2015.

4. Baris Yoruk published “Does giving to charity lead to better health? Evidence from tax subsidies for charitable giving”, 2014, Journal of Economic Psychology. 45, 71-83.

5. Baris Yoruk published “Do charitable contributions crowd out political giving? The missing link between charitable and political contributions”, 2015, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Topics), 15, 407-435.

6. Baris Yoruk’s paper, “The impact of restaurant smoking bans on dining out expenditures: Evidence from panel data” (with Dohyung Kim) is forthcoming in the Journal of Urban Economics.

7. Baris Yoruk’s paper, “Charity ratings” is forthcoming in the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

8. Laurence Kranich was invited as a Visiting Scholar to the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan, where he presented a paper entitled “Historical Discrimination and Optimal Remediation.”

9. Laurence Kranich’s paper “Equal Shadow Wealth: A New Concept of Fairness in Exchange Economies” was accepted for publication in Mathematical Social Sciences.

10. Laurence Kranich presented his paper “Historical Discrimination and Optimal Remediation” at the 12th Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare, June 18-21, 2014 at Boston College.

11. Pinka Chatterji’s paper, “The effects of mandated health insurance benefits for autism on costs and access to treatment” with Sandra Decker and Sara Markowitz, is forthcoming at the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, November 2014.

12. Pinka Chatterji’s paper, “Effects of birthweight on neurobehavioral outcomes” with Dohyung Kim and Kajal Lahiri is forthcoming at Economics and Human Biology, September 2014.

13. Pinka Chatterji’s paper, “Examining the education gradient in chronic illness” with Heesoo Joo and Kajal Lahiri, is forthcoming at Education Economics, July 2014.

14. Pinka Chatterji and Kajal Lahiri published “Birthweight and academic achievement in childhood” with Dohyung Kim, Health Economics, September 2014, 23(9): pp. 1013-1035.

15. Michael Sattinger was the Keynote Speaker at the conference on New Research in the Economics of Educational and Skills Mismatch, University of Aberdeen, October 13-14, 2014. He presented “Qualitative Mismatches and Wage Consequences.”

16. Michael Sattinger wrote the Introduction to “The Distribution of Earnings and of Individual Output,” by A. D. Roy, co-authored with Prof. Heckman, to appear in the June 2015 125th anniversary edition of the Economic Journal.

17. Ambarish Chandra published “Targeted Advertising in Magazine Markets and the Advent of the Internet”, with Ulrich Kaiser, Management Science, 60(7) 1829—1843, July 2014.

18. Ambarish Chandra published “The Economics of Cross-Border Travel”, with Keith Head and Mariano Tappata, Review of Economics and Statistics, 96(4), 648—661, October 2014.

19. Ambarish Chandra’s chapter, “Newspapers and Magazines” with Ulrich Kaiser, is forthcoming in The Handbook of Media Economics, published by Elsevier, Simon Anderson, David Stromberg and Joel Waldfogel eds.

20. Zhongwen Liang's paper "Estimation of Semi-Varying Coefficient Models with Nonstationary Regressors" (with Kunpeng Li, Degui Li, and Cheng Hsiao) is forthcoming in Econometric Reviews.

21. Zhongwen Liang published "Asymptotics for Nonparametric and Semiparametric Fixed Effects Panel Models", with Cong Li, Journal of Econometrics 185, 420-434, 2015.

22. Zhongwen Liang published "Local Linear Estimation of a Nonparametric Cointegration Model", with Zhongjian Lin and Cheng Hsiao, Econometric Reviews 34, 881-905, 2015.

23. Zhongwen Liang presented his paper "Binary Response Correlated Random Coefficient Panel Data Models", with Yichen Gao, Cong Li, at China Meeting of the Econometric Society held at Xiamen University from June 25 to June 27, 2014.

24. Adrian Masters presented, “Job creators, job creation and the tax code” at the Department of Economics, Michigan State University on September 19, 2014.

25. Adrian Masters presented, “Job creators, job creation and the tax code” at the Search and Matching Workshop in Philadelphia in March 2015.

26. Adrian Masters was the discussant for the paper “Adverse selection and intermediation Chains” by Glode and Opp, at the annual Money and Markets conference at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, December 13, 2014.