Department of Economics
Recent Ph.D. Placements

2015 Xin Li
MKP Capital Management
2015 Jungtaek Lee
Korean Insurance Research Institute
2015 Daisuke Moriwaki
Cabinet Office, The Government of Japan
2015 Si Gao
Quantative Analyst, Macquarie Group
2015 Fang Song
Risk Modeler, JPMorgan Chase
2015 Sifan Zhou
Post Doctoral Researcher, Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Harvard University
2014 Lili Wu
China University of Petroleum
2014 Souvik Banerjee
Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Washington
2014 Pu Li
State Street Bank
2014 Dohyung Kim
Associate Fellow, Korea Development Institute
2014 Liu Yang
Assistant Professor, Nanjing University
2014 Yongchen Zhao
Assistant Professor, Towson University
2013 Hyuk Chung
Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI)
2013 Li Li
Senior Economist/Fiscal Policy Analyst, New York State Division of the Budget
2013 Min Chen
Standard and Poor's
2013 Lei Li
Farmers Insurance
2013 Chen Cao
Aristeia Capital
2012 Jingya Song
Capital One CRM Model Validation Team
2012 Gang Liu
2012 Xiaomei Li
Fannie Mae
2012 Heesoo Joo
Post Doctoral Fellow, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
2011 Ranajoy Chaudhury
American Express
2011 Siddhartha Chattopadhyay
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
2011 Paul Noroski
Visiting Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh
2010 Yangyi Shan
Marketing Director, Guangzhou Caseone Cellphone Accesories Co. Ltd.
2010 Jianbo Tian
Freddie Mac
2010 Burak Dindaroglu
Assistant Professor, Izmir University of Economics, Balcova-Izmir, Turkey
2009 Sohini Sahu
Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
2009 Arindam Mandal
Assistant Professor, Siena College
2009 Kitae Sohn Research Fellow, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy;
Assistant Porfessor, Kookmin University
2008 Yun Zheng Manager, NECA, Whippany, NJ
2008 Hua Lin Senior Statistician II, South West Medical Center, Dallas, TX
2008 Xuguang Sheng Assistant Professor, SUNY-Fredonia;
Assistant Professor,  American University
2008 Christos Shiamptanis Visiting Assistant Professor, Trent University, Canada; Postdoctoral Researcher, Central Bank of Cyprus
2007 Miao Zhong Quantitative Associate, Lehman Brothers, NYC; Senior Risk Modeling Manager, Freddie Mac
2007 Fushang Liu Senior Economist, Massachusetts Division of Budget
2007 He Yan Economist, Freddie Mac
2007 Xin Yuan Statistical Consultant, Dun & Bradstreet
2007 Zulkarnain Pulungan Research Officer, New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
2006 Santadarshan Sadhu Assistant Professor, Madras School of Economics; Senior Economist, Nathan Economic Consulting, India
2006 Santanu Pal Analyst, Citi-Financial International
2005 Gultekin Isiklar Economist, CitiBank
2005 Xuelian Wang Economist, NYS Division of the Budget
2005 Kumarjit Mandal Economist, Reserve Bank of India; Reader, Department of Economics, University of Calcutta
2004 Jabonn Kim Economist, Korea Institute of Finance
2004 Wanjoong Kim Korea Institute for International Economic Policy; Assistant Professor, Donga University Dept. of International Trade
2004 Vincent Yao Research Economist, University of Arkansas, Little Rock; Principal Economist, Fannie Mae
2004 Emrah Arbak Post Doctoral Research, CNRS, France; Researcher, Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium
2004 Nandini Chatterjee Economist, United BioSource Corp.
2004 Xueda Song Post Doctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia; Assistant Professor, York University, Canada
2004 Oz Aydemir Assistant Professor, West Virginia State University; Assistant Professor, Broome College
2003 Anusuya Roy (Chatterjee) Assistant Professor, Southern Indiana School of Business / Research Analyst, Milken Institute
2002 Guibo Xing Health Economist, UC-Irvine Health Center
2002 Aysegul Kocer Principal Economist, NY State Division of Budget
2002 Ismael Arciniegas Economist, Pacific Economics Group, Annapolis, MD / Constellation Energy
2002 Duc Le Economist, National Academy of Sciences and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
2001 Kisalaya Basu Economist, Government of Canada, Ottawa / Directorate Health Canada
2001 Woopill Hwang Senior Economist, NY State Department of Health
2001 Sumati Srinivas Assistant Professor, Radford College
2001 Michael Collins Senior Economist, Health and Human Services Unit, U.S. General Accounting Office
2000 Detelina Ivanova Economist, Freddie Mac
2000 Chuanming Gao Senior Financial Engineer, Fannie Mae
1999 Jian Gao Manager-Research, VA Research Networks, Albany
1999 Rita Ganguly Associate Director, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
1999 Jae G. Song Senior Economist, Division of Economic Research, Social Security Administration
1999 James J. Jozefowicz Assistant Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
1999 Chih-Cheng Liao Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Taxation, Chung Kuo Institute of Technology, Taiwan