M.A. in Economics - General

The M.A. program in economics allows students to acquire advanced training in economic analysis and apply it in an area of concentration. The curriculum prepares students for careers in administration and research in government, business, and other private organizations. The program can be completed in one full year or three semesters of full time study. Unfortunately, financial aid from the University is normally not available for this program.

Program of Study (30 credits, minimum)*

1. Economics (24 credits, minimum) including:

  • Eco 500 (Microeconomics)
  • Eco 501 (Macroeconomics)
  • Eco 520 (Quantitative Methods I)
  • Eco 521 (Quantitative Methods II)
  • A sequence of courses in an area of concentration, as approved by the department's Graduate Studies Committee
  • Eco 698 Master's Essay (3), a research paper in the student's field of concentration.

2. Supporting courses (0-6 credits) in related fields as advised.

*Students who have not completed a year sequence of undergraduate intermediate economic theory are required to complete Eco 300 and 301 without graduate credit. Students enrolled in the Ph.D. program in economics may be awarded an M.A. degreee under special requirements.

Fields of Concentration

Fields of concentration are available in Finance (in cooperation with the School of Business), Public Sector Economics (in cooperation with the College of Public Affairs and Policy), International Economics, and Health Economics and Policy (in cooperation with the School of Public Health).

An intensive Concentration in Economic Forecasting is available for students with strong backgrounds in economics, mathematics, and statistics.


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For more information about our M.A. program please contact:

Professor Barış K. Yörük, Director of the M.A. Program
email: byoruk@albany.edu

University at Albany Economics Department
email: econ@albany.edu