M.A. in Economic Forecasting

A Concentration for the M.A. in Economics

An Advanced Graduate Certificate

Economic forecasting is a rapidly developing field with wide applicability in business and government. The increasing complexity of markets is fueling the demand for professionals who possess an understanding of the forecasting needs of organizations, the econometric tools to solve forecasting problems, and the necessary computer skills to generate optimal forecasts. Tools in economics, statistics, and mathematics allow economic forecasters to meet these growing needs of private businesses and government agencies.

The Department of Economics at the University at Albany trains professionals for these jobs by offering a concentration in forecasting within the Masters of Arts program and also a Certificate in Economic Forecasting. Our professional forecasting programs train students to use state-of-the-art forecasting techniques in a multi-disciplinary environment.

For more information about the Economic Forecasting Program please contact:

Professor Barış K. Yörük, Director of the M.A. Program
email: byoruk@albany.edu

University at Albany Economics Department
email: econ@albany.edu