(Last Modified 30 April 2008)


Eco 398W    Discourse in Economics (1 credit)

Fall 2008

[ See information at www.albany.edu/economics/courses/eco398.shtml ]

This one-credit course provides undergraduate majors in economics the opportunity to develop and practice the oral communication and writing skills that are needed to participate in debate and discussion and that serve to sharpen their critical thinking and understanding of economics. Satisfactory completion of this course fulfills both the Oral Discourse and the upper-level Written Discourse requirements of the General Education program. Statements of the characteristics of all General Education courses and the specific learning objectives of these two categories are given on the course website.

This course can be taken only by students who are simultaneously enrolled in a designated 300- or 400-level companion course in economics, which will be the locus of the oral and written discourse. A list of courses that are designated to be companions for Eco 398W this semester is posted at www.albany.edu/economics/courses/eco398w/companions-f08.htm. Only a small number of students can be accommodated in each one. Students receiving permission from the department to register for Eco 398W will enroll in a specific class number linked to their companion course.

The particular oral and written discourse requirements may differ among the various companion courses, but all will operate under the requirements of the General Education program.

The prerequisites for the course are that the student (1) be a major in Economics, (2) be concurrently registered in a designated 300- or 400-level economics course, and (3) receive permission of the department. Receiving permission to register depends on fulfilling the first two prerequisites, on needing to fulfill these Gen Ed requirements, and on there being sufficient discourse space in the companion course.

Grading: This course is graded S/U for all students. Students must perform satisfactorily on both the oral and the written components of Eco 398W; an excellent performance on one component cannot make up for an unsatisfactory performance on the other. A student who withdraws from the companion course, but not from Eco 398W, will receive an unsatisfactory grade.

Course Requirements: Students in a particular section of Eco 398W may need to meet additional textbook, reading, and attendance requirements that are prescribed by the instructor as part of the oral and written discourse requirements. Each instructor of a companion course will make these requirements clear.