Eco 398W:   Discourse in Economics (1 credit)

Bulletin Description

This course provides undergraduate majors in economics the opportunity to develop and practice the oral communication and writing skills that are needed to participate in debate and discussion and that serve to sharpen their critical thinking and understanding of economics. This course can be taken only while simultaneously enrolled in a designated 300- or 400-level companion course in economics, which will be the focus of the oral and written discourse. A student who withdraws from the companion course, but not from this course, will receive an unsatisfactory grade. Prerequisite(s): declared economics major, concurrent registration in a designated 300- or 400- level economics course, permission of department. S/U graded.  [OD, WI]

Enrollment Procedure

Students interested in taking Eco 398W need to understand the operation of the course and to know what courses are available as designated companion courses. For information on this, see the first two documents linked below. To get permission to enroll, bring a completed enrollment permission form to the department office (BA 109) after you have registered for the companion course. The form is available as the third document listed below, and paper copies are available in the department office.

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