Walking at Commencement

There is a long tradition of walking at commencement, but what this means can be confusing because it is unofficial. The following information is addressed to Economics majors (first or second major).

Basically, walking means participating in commencement ceremonies when you are not an official degree candidate*. If you anticipate that you will graduate by August 2012, here are two opportunities for you and your guests:

If you anticipate that you will graduate this summer, you need to apply for your degree sometime after June 1st. The names of summer graduates will be listed in the December 2012 Commencement program.

Information about the Economics ceremony is available at:

and information about the University Commencement weekend is available at:

* Note:  If you applied for May 2012 graduation and the Registrar has not told you that your application has been denied, then you are an official degree candidate and your name will be in the University Commencement program. Your name will also appear in the Economics Department Commencement progam.

Last modified: 22 February 2012