EAK201Y                   Intermediate Korean 1                                              Fall  2008      

Call Number 1907 / 5 credits                                                            

Instructor:  Jinyoung Kang Mason, MA

E-mail: jkmason@albany.edu

(518) 442-4120 (voice)

(518) 442-4118 (fax)

Office:  HU- 283

Office Hour: T TH 11:30-12:30 or by appointment


Class meeting time & location:

 MWF    10:25-11:20 AM   HU 019

 T TH    10:15- 11:10 AM   HU 019



 I.  Course Objectives and goals:

EAK201Y is the first half of the second year Korean. The objective of the course is continuing to work further on students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills at the intermediate level.  The course introduces various kinds of authentic materials such as audio/ video clips, songs, children’s books, internet articles, etc. in addition to the required reading materials in order to help students acquire Korean and its culture in context.


At the end of the semester, the Students would be able to:

1. express more complex relations between events, such as cause, reason, purpose, condition, concession, intention, background, etc. ; 2. command a lengthy narrative discourse on personal experience; 3. express their ideas into written language with more accurate spellings and punctuations ; 4. understand better on culture and cultural aspects of Korea


The medium of the class is mainly Korean, and English translation will be given when it is necessary.  Monday through Thursday classes consist of lectures and oral drills. Friday classes will be designated mainly for weekly quizzes, tests, oral performances, watching cultural audio/video clips and movies, and learning Korean culture and cultural aspects.



II.  Textbooks (available at Campus bookstore)

  1. Required Textbook & Workbook:

      Integrated Korean Beginning II: Textbook, University of Hawaii Press

      Integrated Korean Beginning II: Workbook, University of Hawaii Press

      Integrated Korean Intermediate 1: Textbook, University of Hawaii Press

      Integrated Korean Intermediate 1: Workbook, University of Hawaii Press

2.  English-Korean dictionary (optional)

3. In-class handouts

III. Course requirement


Attendance & Participation *


Homework Assignments  **


Quizzes ***


Two Mid-terms


Oral performance****


Individual Listening assignment *****




Final (speaking & written)



* Attendance & Participation: The students are expected to participate actively in a pair and small group activities. Your performance will be monitored and graded by your instructor each day. The grading criteria not only include your Korean language performance, but also your attitude, cooperation, preparation and participation. Also refer to the class attendance policy below.


In addition, students will be required to participate an interview with the instructor outside of the class in order to monitor and better understand the students progress.  The date & time will be further discussed at the class.


**  Homework Assignments are due at the beginning of the class as the day specified as deadline. Each workbook homework must be handed in a separate sheet; please make sure you put the HW #, date/day, as well as you name


Late homework must be handed in within a week from the deadline: the homework submitted after a class is counted as a late homework.


*** Quizzes include chapter quizzes on Friday and vocabulary/ & diction quizzes on mid weeks.  Chapter quizzes will be on the materials covered up to that point (ie. vocab + grammar points).  You may drop one quiz(the lowest grade) in each vocabulary & dictation quizzes and grammar quizzes for your final grade.


**** Oral performance:

 There will be two oral performances for the class.

1. PowerPoint Presentation: cultural exploration - 5%

You can work on any topics on Korea/Korean. Guidelines and samples will be given to you in class. You are required to discuss a topic with the instructor prior to your presentation in order to avoid duplicate topics with your classmates.


2. Skit: 10%

- You will work with a group of 3 people to act out a script that you have made.

- Try to use as many new vocabulary and grammar points as possible.  Refer to the Skit Presentation Guideline for more details at www.albany.edu/Korean/skit201.html



***** Independent listening activity : Students are required to practice the listening assignments in workbook to enhance their listening skill. Please submit the assignment within a week after each chapter is finished. For your convenience, the audio material from the textbooks and the workbook is available on-line, and there is a link in the class webpage at www.albany.edu/korean/links.html .




IV. Grading scale


























Below 60












ª Important Class Policies


Attendance : Attendance check will be strictly enforced; extremely low attendance may further lower your final grade, unless a written proof of inevitable circumstance is provided(e.g., doctor’s note); Beyond five absences will result in one lower grade than the actual score (e.g., A to A-), and will continue every 5 absences after that. NO extra credit works for making-up your absences will be granted.


Please be aware of this strict attendance policy. A sign-sheet is distributed in each class.  Make sure you sign the attendance sheet.


Those who have the perfect attendance record (no absence) may get awarded 50 pts of  Extra credit (about 5% of the total grade).


There will be no makeup exam unless provided with a written proof for a justifiable      reason. Any makeup exam must be taken within one week from the day the student      resumes to class.



+  For the detailed course schedule for the semester, refer to the class website at www.albany.edu/Korean/eak201.html .  Please visit the website periodically to check if there are any changes in the schedule(e.g., quiz dates, assignment deadlines, etc.)