Index of materials for EAJ205: Japanese Research and Bibliographic Methods


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I. Introductory materials


Online Dictionaries



Other Language Resources



II. General Bibliographies and WWW Resources

III. Using the University Libraries

IV. Word Processing

·         MS Windows’ Language Bar



VI. Radicals of (Chinese) Characters (漢字) and Kanji Trivia

VII. CJK Romanization

VIII. Simplification


IX. Calligraphy

X. Morohashi’s 大漢和辞典

XI. Citation/Plagiarism

XII. Annotated Bibliographies

XIII. Research Papers

XIV. Eras

XV. Chronology/Telling Time

·         Video on the Sexagenary Cycle and Lunar Calendar

·         National Diet Library’s history of the Japanese calendar

·         Nengo-calc, an online program for calendrical conversion

·         Description of the rokuyō system

·         Video on Auspicious Days and Telling Time in Classical Japan

XVI. Units of Measure, Statistics, etc.

XVII. Names/Biographical Resources

XVIII. Ranks

Rank Charts

XIX. Historical Resources

XX. Literature Resources

XXI. Geographical Resources

XXII. Religion/Philosophy Resources