Faculty & Staff


Dr. Gina Giuliano, the department's graduate advisor, can be contacted by e-mail at ggiuliano@albany.edu or at (518) 442-3821 with questions concerning general procedures. Please note that most department materials can be obtained in the EAPS Forms page. Students, however, should contact their advisors concerning their academic program, or to discuss selection of and registration for courses.

The Department can be contacted by e-mail at eaps@albany.edu or at (518) 442-5080.

Staff Email Room Phone
Gina Giuliano ggiuliano@albany.edu ED 313 (518) 442-3528
Maria Moon mmoon@albany.edu ED 344 (518) 442-5080


EAPS faculty have expertise in a wide variety of areas within the fields of school administration, educational leadership, and policy analysis. The regular faculty have rigorous academic training, leading to doctorates in education-related fields or the social sciences, and further expertise developed through cutting-edge scholarly or applied research and/or illustrious careers in K-12 and higher education administration. High quality part-time lecturers and adjunct professors also provide student access to a broad base of practitioner knowledge and professional contacts.

Aaron Benavot
Kevin Kinser
Jason Lane
Hamilton Lankford
Hal A. Lawson
Mitch Leventhal
Daniel C. Levy
Heinz-Dieter Meyer
Kathryn S. Schiller
Gilbert A. Valverde
Sandra Vergari
Alan Wagner
Ben Wildavsky
Email Room Phone
abenavot@albany.edu ED 322 (518) 442-5299
kkinser@albany.edu ED 314 (518) 442-5092
jlane@albany.edu ED 344 (518) 442-5080
hlankford@albany.edu ED 324 (518) 442-5083
hlawson@albany.edu ED 323 (518) 442-5088
mleventhal@albany.edu ED 325 (518) 442-5961
dlevy@albany.edu ED 321 (518) 442-5177
hmeyer@albany.edu ED 317 (518) 442-3662
kschiller@albany.edu ED 317 (518) 442-4743
gvalverde@albany.edu ED 320 (518) 442-5089
svergari@albany.edu ED 315 (518) 442-5063
awagner@albany.edu ED 327 (518) 442-5085
ben.wildavsky@ rockinst.suny.edu ED 344 (202) 220-1316

Part Time Faculty/Lecturers

Faculty Email Room Phone
Daralene Jewell djewell@albany.edu ED 343 (518) 437-3723
John Kalas jkalas@albany.edu ED 343 (518) 437-3723
Gina Giuliano  ggiuliano@albany.edu ED 313 (518) 442-3528
Manuel S Alguero malguero@albany.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Email Room Phone
Silvina Gvirtz gvirtzsilvina@gmail.com