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EAP’s mission is to help support and maintain a healthy and productive workforce. The EngageYOUAlbany project is designed as a way to highlight our connection to the University and to take pride in all that we as employees contribute to make UAlbany a unique place to work.

To participate in the month of February, provide your response in the "Questions and Comments" box below. If you would like to attach a photo along with your submission, email it to Brenda Seckerson at   


Give a "shout out" about the work you do on campus! Share an interesting or unique aspect of your department, unit, or college that other employees might not know about.   


NOTE: By providing your submission, you are giving EAP permission to publish your answers, including a contributed photo. Please note that all responses may not be published in the EAP ENews due to space considerations. Additional comments /photos may be posted to the EAP website for viewing.

Thank you for ENGAGING in this EAP project!  Be sure to read the March edition of the EAP ENews to learn how other UAlbany employees responded to this month's question!


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