Lunchtime Wellness Programs

EAP Committee's 2015 Community Service Project

UAlbany employees and their families are invited to participate in the EAP Committee's first community service project.  Here are the specifics.

  • Several lunchtime programs (from 12:00 - 1:00 pm) will be conducted throughout the semester at which UAlbany employee DawnMarie Helin will teach beginners crochet.  (If you already know how to crochet or knit, please join us and contribute your expertise to the project!)  
  • The project's goal is to crochet/knit 100 potholders and trivets to be donated to the local non-profit organization Grassroot Givers for them to use in their family boxes as part of their 2015 Simple Giving event.
  • Register to attend a session(s) by going clicking on the "Event Sign Up" icon on the EAP webpage. 
  • Participants have the opportunity to learn how to crochet and then to donate a potholder/trivet to project.  It's a win-win for everyone.  Learn a craft skill and help families in our community! 

What to bring to the sessions:

  1. One skein of COTTON yarn
  2. One crochet hook in the size indicated on the yarn (e.g., F, H, or J)

Other ways to participate if you can't attend a lunchtime program: 

  • If you are not able to join us for a lunchtime program but would like to contribute in some way, you may crochet/knit a potholder on your own time and send it via campus mail to the EAP Committee members* listed below. 
  • Click here to access the easy crocheted potholder pattern to use for the project. 
  • Click here to access the intermediate crocheted potholder pattern for the project.
  • For knitters, click here to access an easy knitted holder pattern for the project.
  • For knitters, click here to access an advanced potholder pattern for the project.
  • For knitters, click here to access a starfish pattern of a potholder for the project.   
  • Please note that EAP does not promote any business/company. Any brands noted in the patterns does not qualify as an endorsement of products mentioned.  The patterns are shared for educational/resource purposes only. Permission to use the patterns has been granted. 
  • Or, you may donate a skein of yarn** to the project. Donations can be given to any EAP Committee member.      

**NOTE: Any left over yarn will be donated to the Albany County Nursing Home for their craft projects.

To access the flyer with the project calendar, click here.

*EAP Community Members/Project Coordinators:

Pamela Moniz -  UNH 208A
Jessica Healy - UAB 403
Linda Gallagher - BS 110C


Lunchtime Wellness Programs

Several times a month EAP sponsors free lunchtime wellness presentations on the Uptown, Downtown, and East Campuses. These lectures are typically held from 12 noon to 1 pm at various locations on campus. Employees are invited to bring their "brown bag" lunches to the event. While dining together, they have the opportunity to learn new ideas, gain support for living a healthy lifestyle, and meet other University employees who are also interested in the topic. EAP searches for presenters from the community who can provide valuable information and resources that will enhance the participants' well-being.

Some topics that have been offered over the years include:

  • Elder Care - e.g., Understanding Alzheimer's Disease 
  • Financial Wellness - e.g., Budgeting, Debt Management, Student Loans 
  • Healthy Eating - e.g., Building a Better Bag Lunch   
  • Estate Planning
  • Gardening - e.g., Herb Gardening, Tough Plants in Tough Places   
  • Stress Reduction - e.g., Mindfulness, Thought Field Therapy
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Organizing Your Home and Office
  • Retirement Planning 


If you have a suggestion for a lecture topic, email Brenda Seckerson, EAP Coordinator.


Community Resource Awareness Series:
Each semester EAP will invite representatives from local non-profit agencies to discuss the variety of programs and services they offer in their area of expertise. The awareness series presentations are designed to serve as an educational tool as well as a means of highlighting the valuable resources that are available in our community.


Re-occurring Lunchtime Wellness Programs: 

EAP offers employees an Art Break at the University Art Museum when a new exhibit is opened.  A 45 minute tour and talk is provided by the museum director. These Art Breaks are a great way to get energized during the work day. They provide a means of meeting other University employees who are interested in the arts and who want to learn more about the UAlbany campus. 

The Get to Know Your Campus tours began as a series during the 2011-2012 academic year and are scheduled occasionally to help employees explore the uniqueness of working at a university.  As employees we spend a lot of time at work.  But do we know about all of the interesting people who work at UAlbany doing fascinating things?  So often we stay in our “own little worlds” and don’t have (or take) the opportunity to learn about the great resources we have on campus. The EAP Get to Know Your Campus tours are designed to provide employees with a chance to meet other employees and discover the unexplored right here at UAlbany!  The tours are a way to support employee engagement which is an important to EAP's over-arching goal of enhancing health, wellness, and productivity.

Lunchtime Wellness Programs - RSVP Requested
To help us be sure that EAP presenters have an audience, we request that employees RSVP for all lunchtime events. We realize that sometimes last minute work obligations may prevent you from attending. However, having a general sense that some employees are planning to participate will be helpful in maintaining the Lunchtime Wellness Program. Thank you for your assistance.


For a list of upcoming Lunchtime Wellness Programs

Check the EAP Calendar