EAP coordinates exercise programs for employees. On some occasions, EAP charges a modest fee to compensate the instructor. Check the EAP Calendar for the current class schedules.


Classes Sponsored by UAlbany's Office of Campus Recreation

Classes include:

Yoga, Zumba, Aqua Action, and Kickboxing

Classes take place at the Uptown Campus Recreation Facility.

For information on all fitness opportunities available through
UAlbany's Office of Campus Recreation,
click here

All Campus Recreation group exercise and aerobic dance classes
have one uniform fee. Try any/all of their offerings!

To register for the classes contact SEFCU Recreation Sales Office

Open Monday - Friday from 8 am - 8pm
(518) 437-3739


Adult Learn to Swim Program

UAlbany's Office of Campus Recreation offers a comprehensive Adult Learn to Swim Program, providing participants with a sturdy foundation of water-safety education and stroke skills. For entry level swimmers, this class will cover skills such as blowing bubbles, putting the face into the water, and basic body positioning. Advanced swimmers will progress to stroke development at a comfortable pace.

To register for the classes contact SEFCU Recreation Sales Office

Open Monday - Friday from 8 am -8 pm
(518) 437-3739





Did you know that “one hour of walking = two more hours of life”? The American Heart Association (AHA) recently stated that research shows for every hour of regular exercise, you can increase your life expectancy by two hours. Walking is one of the simplest ways to incorporate physical activity into one's daily routine. Workplace walking with a colleague(s) during lunch or break times is a great way to add those extra hours to your life!

EAP encourages University employees to find a "walking buddy" and get moving!

For mileage on the Purple Path, check out this map:  Purple Path Map   

For a campus course to follow, check out the UAlbany 5k Road Race Course.

For helpful information on walking and for tracking your steps, check out these national walking programs:

America on the Move

American Heart Association Getting Healthy with Physical Activity
American Heart Association Start Walking Now! Program