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UPTOWN: Remaining Safe & Independent in the Face of Aging & Illness (Oct. 6)
How to Use EAP in the Workplace for Faculty/Staff in a Supervisory Role (Oct. 14)
6-Hour Defensive Driving Class (Oct. 19 & 21)
EAST: Importance of Planning (Estate Planning) (Oct. 20)
UPTOWN: Art Break at University Art Museum (Oct. 22)
Stress Less...How to Prepare a Healthy Lunch (Nov. 2)
Stress Less About Investing (Nov. 3)
Stress Less Week - Sit and Get Fit - A Chair Yoga Experience (Nov. 4)
Stress Less Week - Introduction to Meditation (Nov. 4)
Stress Less About Time Management (Nov. 5) 12:00 - 1:00 pm Session
Stress Less About Time Management (Nov. 5) 1:15 - 2:00 pm Session
Stress Less Week - Enhance Your Overall Wellness with Essential Oils (Nov. 6)

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