Mission Statement

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) supports students by ensuring a fully accessible living and learning environment for the University’s programs, services and activities in order to prepare them for a successful future in a diverse and global society.

Meet the Staff

if you have any disability related needs, please contact the Director.

Carolyn Malloch, Director: cmalloch@albany.edu

Carrie Snyder, Assistant Director: csnyder@albany.edu

Gretchen Murphy, Front Office: gemurphy@albany.edu
Contact Gretchen if you have questions about documentation or appointments.

Jonathan White , Graduate Assistant: DRCGradAssistant@albany.edu

Contact Jonathan if you have questions about eText, testing accommodations or appointments.

Antonette Hill & Carly Kyte, Testing Coordinators: DRCTestCoordinator@albany.edu
Contact Antonette and Carly for the alternative testing service, including rescheduling or canceling tests, or if you are an instructor and wish to send a test electronically.