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This is a women's suffrage song titled "Winning the Vote" :
(Boys) I've been down to Madison to see the folks and sights
You'd laugh, I'm sure, to hear them talk about the women's rights.
Now 'tis just as plain as my old hat, that's plain as plain can be,
That if the women want the vote, they'll get no help from me.
Not from Joe, not from Joe, if he knows it, not from Joseph;
No,no,no, not from Joe; not from me, I tell you no!

(Girls)Say, friend Joseph, why not we should vote as well as you?
Are there no problems in the State that need our wisdom, too?
We must pay our taxes same as you; as citizens be true,
And if some wicked thing we do, to jail we're sent by you.
Yes we are, same as you;
And you know it, don't you, Joseph?
Yes, you do, yet you boast:
You'll not help us win the vote.

(Boys) But dear woman, can't you see, the home is your true sphere?
Just think of going to the polls perhaps two times a year.
You are wasting time you ought to use in sewing and at work,
Your home neglected all those hours; would you such duties shirk?
Help from Joe? Help from Joe?
If he knows it, not from Joseph;
No,no,no, not from Joe; not from me, I tell you no!

(Girls) Joseph, tell us something new- we're tired of that old song.
We'll sew the seams and cook the meals, to vote won't take us long.
We will help to clean house- the one too large for man to clean alone,
The State and Nation, don't you see, when we the vote have won.
Yes we will, and you'll help,
For you'll need our help, friend Joseph.
Yes you will, when we're in,
So you'd better help us win.

(Boys) You're just right- how blind I've been, I ne'er had seen it thus;
'Tis true that taxes you must pay without a word of fuss.
You are subject to the laws that men made, and yet no word or note,
Can you sing out where it will count. I'll help you win the vote!
Yes, I will.

(Girls) Thank you, Joe.
(All) We'll together soon be voters,
Yes we will, if you'll all
Vote "YES" at the polls next fall.
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