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Saturday, April 28, 2007 from 9 AM - 4 P.M. we will be having a Science/Math Day

for students from the capital region.  We plan to have hands on activities for workshop sessions (1 hour) for the students on that day.  We are trying to improve student ideas and attitudes about Math, Science, and Technology.  We are inviting over 300 students and parents to attend the event and have several workshops scheduled for the day.


The Center for Urban Youth and Technology has been providing educational and career experiences for middle and high school students in the Math,
Science, and technology areas for several years.  For the last seven years, we have hosted the Science Technology Entry Program (STEP) and held 
our Summer Youth Technology Institute for capital region students at the University at Albany. Our purpose is to stimulate studentsí interest and appreciation
for math, science, and technology, and to provide tutoring assistance as students prepare for their statewide and classroom exams, explore potential 
careers,and provide college recruitment opportunities in these related fields. A math and science day activity is one way to stimulate these experiences, 
gather university support, and reach out to the youth and parents of the capital district.  Corporate, community, and State support for the Math Day and 
Science/Math Day has attracted over 200 students, 100 parents, and 60 volunteers to the program activities.  
Our goal this year is to convene a larger one-day event at the University at Albany and attract 300 youth, 100 parents, and more workshop activities. 
The workshops include: Marine biology, Wind Energy, The Human Body, Origami, What Do Your Clothes Say About You, What is Pi, Life Skills through Chess, 
and Break Dancing.
The statewide STEP program is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year. As part of the commemoration, STEP has adopted the Science/Math Day event as an activity that supports and promotes science and math education for youth.


Academic Support Partners include:

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The opening ceremonies will be held in:

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (Ground floor)

The University at Albany, 2

25 Fuller Road,

Albany, New York 12203


If you have questions, please call Etwin Bowman or Dr. Joseph Bowman, Jr. at 518-442-5035 or visit our website at