MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE, South Hadley, MA, July 8th - 22nd, 2007
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For students of color, basketball scholarships can be a ticket to a better future - but only if you have fulfilled the necessary academic requirements. The national Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has established academic guidelines for scholarship-athletics in Propositions 48 and 16. If you can't meet these guidelines, your scholarship can be denied. - and that's before you even start college. Once you're in, earning your degree will take at least four years of hard academic work. That's why P. L. A. Y. emphasizes these skills above everything else. The man who wins may have been counted out several times but didn't hear the referee.

During P. L. A. Y.'s summer session, 33 hours are spent on SAT/ACT preparation; the follow-up includes a refresher course in the fall. This course is organized and taught by certified instructors. It is the most thorough SAT/ACT preparation course available. The course concentrates on the verbal, mathematical, and writing skills as well as the test-taking techniques that you will need to perform at your highest level on the SAT/ACT. The instructors are enthusiastic and highly trained to make learning fun and stimulating. With commitment and hard work, you'll raise your scores by a minimum of 100 points !

The summer session includes these additional workshops on classroom skills.

Study skills, Note Taking and preparing for College Dr. Cheryl Stanley, Ph. D. (professor of Education, Westfield State College). Study strategies for more effective learning, college admission preparation and career exploration. Critical thinking techniques that work! Smarter NOT Harder.
Research - A Key Component of P. L. A. Y.
Kathleen Norton, Staff (Library Coordinator, Mount Holyoke College). An introduction to conducting library research on outstanding achievements by African American inventors in America. Learn a step process in doing research at the library.
P. L. A. Y. with technology, telecommunications and the Internet. Mr. Fadel Sesay (Academic Computing Instructor Windsor High School in Windsor, Connecticut,) and Dr. Joseph Bowman, Jr. Ed. D. (Associate Professor, University at Albany) Technology and Sports are interrelated and every time you watch a sports activity understand that technology is providing you with pictures, stats, and images into your home. Workshops include media literacy, video production, training, multi-media design, and desk-top publishing with computers.


Over the 2005-06 school year, P. L. A. Y. will follow up the summer session's academic portion. You will have three sets of academic progress reports sent to your teachers through the guidance counselor, bimonthly telephones calls and personal visits to your home and school. You'll also become part of P. L. A. Y. 's extensive tracking system for a minimum of five years, or until you receive your college degree.


At P. L. A. Y. 's summer session, you'll also play basketball - from morning workouts to individual skills training to competitive games. Our coaches concentrate on new skills and fundamentals: shooting; boxing out and pitching out; one-on-one moves facing the basket; back-to basket low post moves; ball handling; fast break moves off dribble; post defense; rebounding; screening; passing; and making good decisions under pressure situations. You will be observed by college and NBA scouts.


There's a world outside school and the court - and sometimes that's where life is toughest. P. L. A. Y. 's summer session offers the following
seminars and workshops in Life Long Skills. P. L. A. Y. advocates for Domestic Violence Prevention: Workshop held on the Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). - One shaken baby in three dies as a result of this abuse. P. L. A. Y. teaches the proper ways of handling babies regarding baby soft spots, suffocation, and proper ways to hold a baby. Skills for Life

Jonathan B. Peck and Mike Jarvis (ESPN) (professional consultants on management, business, and workplace diversity). A seminar on the essential and practical skills needed for meaningful employment, self-improvement, and personal growth. Mr. Peck has been inducted into Boston University Hall of Fame. Co-Authors of Skills for Life. - The Fundamentals You Need to Succeed.

Seminar on Women
Ruth Bass Green PhD Mount Holyoke College ( Associate Dean of Studies and Multi-Cultural Affairs). Dr. Barbara Coulibaly, Ph.D. (Education and Management Consultant). Seminar on all forms of violence against women. It may be the biggest human rights issue in the world - and it is certainly one of the least discussed. Preventing rape, battering and sexual harassment. A gentleman is a gentle man.
Conflict Resolution and Meditation Workshop
Dennis S. Jackson and Staff (Founder and Director of P.L.A.Y.) A violence prevention program for African-Americans and people of color, topics include - Just Chill ! Designed to help urban students deal constructively with anger management and RESPECT! Encourages students to respect the rights and needs others. GANGS... You Decide ! Delivers a stunning indictment of gang life. Manhood is a transition that every boy must make. The measure of a man is not what he does on Sunday, but rather who he is Monday Through Saturday

Kevin McCaskill
Principal Putnam Vocational
Technical High School.
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Holyoke Community College
Joe Parker
Basketball Historian & Clinician
Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. Harold Meritt, Ph.D.
Director of Athletics and Professor of the History of African-Americans in Sports College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY
Russ Alexander
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Montgomery County Community College,
George Moore
Associate Men's Basketball Coach
Nassau Community College,
Nassau, NY
Tim Jackson
Former Head Boy's Basketball Coach
Sabis International Charter School
Springfield, MA
Mike Hart
Head Boy's Basketball Coach
St. Andrews School
Barrington, Rhode Island

Jake Butler
Jake Butler-Basketball School, Inc.
Miami, Florida

Neil McKendall
Head Boy's Basketball Coach
Warren Easton Find High School
New Orleans, Louisiana
Joseph Paige
Assistant Basketball Coach
High School of Commerce
Springfield, MA
Jamahl Jackson
Head Men's Basketball Coach
and Assistant Athletic Director
Emmanuel College
Boston, MA
Gene Thompson
Head Tennis Coach
Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA