Sergeant Henry Johnson


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Sergeant Henry Johnson

Prepared by John Howe in cooperation with, Dr. Joseph Bowman, Jr. Center for Urban Youth and Technology The University at Albany, SUNY 

Henry Johnson 

Establishing a Negro Regiment

Henry Johnson

Labor or Fight

Henry Johnson, the 369th and the French Forces

The 369th regimental band “Hell Fighters Band”

Henry Johnson and the German Attack

May 14th, 1918

Henry Johnson and the German Attack (cont’d)

Johnson Cartoon

Henry Johnson and the French Award

Henry Johnson and his wife

Henry Johnson Returns to the United States

Regiment's Return

Johnson Returns to Albany

Johnson's Benefits

Monument Dedication

Johnson’s Purple Heart

369th Veterans’Association

Status of the Medal of Honor for Henry Johnson

Department of Army Review

Henry Johnson Award


Author: Dr. Joseph Bowman 


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