Over the last twelve years, the Institute for Urban and Minority in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University has designed technology-based programs designed to work with urban youth. IUME established the Center for Urban Youth and Technology (CUYT) four years ago to consolidate these programs. CUYT is now located at the State University of New York at Albany in the School of Education. CUYT is concerned with the following questions. How do we begin to bridge the technology gap in this country, specifically in the inner city area? How do we provide services and training to the economically disadvantaged who may not otherwise get this opportunity? How do we expose this population to the new technologies, i.e., video production, computers, teletext, networking, telecommunications, etc. Consequently, the decision was reached to target students, aged 12-19, who are beginning to make decisions concerning career options and higher education. Many of these students would not ordinarily have been exposed to current applications of the new technologies. We are also concerned about the larger community in urban centers and focus on the needs of teachers in schools and parents.
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