(1994 - PRESENT)

CUYT and the Ujamaa Institute have entered a collaboration to provide technical assistance, research, and evaluation to the development of this Multicultural Alternative High School.

CUYT will design instructional and curriculum materials that integrate technology into the Ujamaa multicultural curriculum. We will plan, discuss, and implement computer and video uses in the school. This will be done in conjunction with administrators, instructors, parents, and students for the school. The goal is to get as much information about technology uses from the end users and develop a plan for the school that incorporates their ideas and concerns.

In the area of staff development, we will provide training sessions and resource materials to instructors at the Ujamaa Institute. These sessions may range from technology training to multi-cultural development.

CUYT welcomes this opportunity to be part of the development process of the Ujamaa Institute and to demonstrate the importance of these collaborations in education. These collaborations improve the relations, dialog, and commitment to develop new educational institutions that challenge and stimulate the academic needs of todays youth.