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Joseph E. Bowman, Jr.

Dr. Bowman is a Service Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice and the Director of Center for Urban Youth and Technology (CUYT) at the University at Albany, State University of New York. CUYT develops programs in research, instructional and curriculum design relating to technology and its impact on rural and urban communities. Among the courses he teaches are educational television production, multi-media design, and topical seminars on instructional technology. He has also taught computing, information management, and television production at Teachers College, Columbia University.

In 1992, Dr. Bowman created the Center for Urban Youth and Technology (CUYT) at the Institute for Urban and Minority Education and Teachers College, Columbia University. CUYT (now at the University at Albany) was developed to address his continued research and design interest in education, community development, youth development, professional teacher development and technology.

In 1996, working with the One Hundred Black Men of the Capital Region, he established the 100-NET technology network in the capital region of New York, through a grant from the NYNEX Diffusion Fund. In 1999, 100-NET was expanded with another grant from the Community Technology Center, US Department of Education. 100-NET now has twenty local sites and one main site in Albany. These sites provide technology (computers, internet, and workforce job skills) access and training to people in the urban communities of the New York State capital region.

Dr. Bowman served as the director of the Science Technology Entry Program (STEP) at the University at Albany, for three years (1999 - 2002). STEP provides opportunities for urban middle and high school youth to develop skills in math, science, and technology through project based and career exploration activities.

As a consultant, Dr. Bowman has worked on several projects and completed Project Prism, a Math and Science parent initiative sponsored by the National Urban League and funded by Annenberg/CPB. An electronic print media journalist, photographer, and radio announcer, he has also served as a producer director at Channel 17, Schenectady, New York and has published for several news services (Amsterdam News, Village Voice, and Class Magazine) in the New York City area. In 2004, he returned to "WCDB-FM" to produce a weekly jazz program named the "Maiden Voyage". He is currently working with the "UT3" teacher professional development grant with the Syracuse University and funded by the US Department of Education.

Dr. Bowman's research has focused on questions of access and equity to technology and content for urban and rural communities. He recently published a special edition journal on "Adoption and Diffusion of Educational Technology in Urban Areas" for the Journal of Educational Commuting Research. He held a series of national academic and community based "Digital Divide" conferences at the University at Albany, and spoke at the first Legislative Educational Technology Conference at the Legislative Office Building, in Albany. New York.

Dr. Bowman was elected to a three-year term in September of 2001 as a Regent to The University of the State of New York, representing educational policy issues for New York State. In 2004, Dr. Bowman was elected to a new five-year term in this position and serves on the Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Continuing Education, Audit, Cultural Education, and Quality committees. He has also worked with the State Education Department to establish the Technology Policy and Practice Council. The Council is responsible to identify technology policy issues and identify technology resources related to education across New York State.

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