Nelson Mandela arrives in New York City in 1990

Our students shared in the joy of seeing Nelson Mandela freed after 27 years of imprisonment from a South African prison. Little did they realize that our students would become part of history when Mr. Mandela came to the United States of America and arrived in New York City. As the event came closer my staff made inquires to find out how to get press clearance for our students. In this case, we needed to go to the federal level and obtain clearance from the State Department.

In the end, eight students and staff received state department press clearance and were able to attend all functions and activities that Mr. Mandela was part of in New York City. They were at the airport on arrival, attended his presentations at the United Nations and traveled to Yankee Stadium for his presentations. They also were part of the press corp. at Riverside Church, part of the rally held for him in Harlem, USA, and finally saw him leave New York City.