Jesse Jackson

Jesse for President!!

Run Jesse Run!!!

In 1984 and again in 1988 our students were taught about electronic news gathering (ENG) by serving as part of the press corp. that followed the activities of presidential candidate Rev. Jesse Jackson when he was campaigning in New York State. 15 Students were part of the rally at the Harlem State Office building in 1984 and say how press corp. were treated by secret service and participants in the rally. Many students (all from New York City and Harlem) had never been on 125th Street, so the rally took on a greater meaning for them. This production was most memorable to our Cameraman Victor Aguirre, who had to stand for one and one half hours and hand hold the video camera to get a picture over the press corp. that arrived and blocked our vision of the event.

In 1988 Students traveled to Iona College in New Rochelle, New York to a campaign rally for Rev. Jesse Jackson's second presidential attempt. Shortly after we arrived and set-up our video equipment, one of our students Ed "Bubu" Demasio was questioned by the secret service and disappeared backstage. Although quite concerned, we waited to see what was happening and continued to set-up our final equipment. A half hour later we were surprised to see "Bubu" leading the Jesse Jackson entourage into the auditorium with his 35mm camera. As it turned out, Rev. Jackson was looking for a black camera person to take pictures of him and his group arriving backstage and asked the secret service to select someone from the press corp. to do this for him. It is safe to state that Mr. Demasio never forgot that event in time.

Later that year, we selected three students to attend campaign headquarters in New York City on election night. These students obtained press clearance and had the opportunity to see how this event was handled from their vantage as press persons.