1992 International Youth Leadership Institute

Working again with IYLI, we trained seven young men that were going overseas to use the equipment, so that they could document their own travel to West Africa. This trip was to Senegal and The Gambia in West Africa for one month. Students met with USAID representatives to explore the role that they play in international development. The students stayed on the island of Nigor in the village on Nigor in Senegal and traveled by boat each day to the mainland to get to Dakar and other cities. In the cities they visited mosques, market places, and other sites of interest. The students traveled to Gore Island to see the slave pens, the window of no return and to feel the agony of the several thousand Africans that left for the "new world". The students met the people of the country and learned the original language of the people.

During the trip, the students traveled by bus to The Gambia across the Gambia River. This was a difference experience for the students because they were now in a English speaking country with all the flavor and culture of Africa. The students visited the wildlife preserve to see animals that were from the region and had the opportunity to visit an alligator pit were some 60 alligators were housed. A couple of students and staff sit on the edge of the beach one evening in Gambia and realized that we had now seen the Atlantic Ocean from three points, America, the Caribbean, and now Africa. That thought was overpowering to all of us. We even had a chance to play music on the beach some evenings.

You are invited to take a tour of West Africa and The Gambia.