International Youth Leadership

Trip to Egypt

Learning about television production and desk-top publishing were very important to the students, but having the opportunity to really put these skills to the test was still waiting for our students. We collaborated with IYLI, who was sending 14 students and 8 adults to Egypt to document the trip. Our students would now test their production skills in an international environment. Passports, visas, and funds to travel had to be obtained before the trip could start. Equipment had to be checked and re-checked to make sure that everything was operational. Preproduction planning had to be developed to insure that power considerations, heat, tape stock, batteries, portable lighting, and microphones were all considered. Once off the continent we had to be a self contained unit for one month of video production documentation. Three days before the students prepared to travel to Egypt, the middle east was turned up-side down when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Parents had paid their money for transportation, room, and board for the students and we were heading into a war zone.

As we turned out, the students arrived in Cairo and then traveled to Aswan, where there was little talk about the international activities that were going on in the north. In Aswan while on tour of villages, temples, and markets, the students meet Dr. Ben Jochannon a renowned Egyptologist and sponsor of many trips to Egypt. To heighten the experience of the trip the students then traveled up the Nile River by boat to Luxor to see the valleys of the Kings and Queens and other temples. From Luxor the students traveled back to Cairo by train. In Cairo, they visited the Pyramids of Gaza, the Sphinx, several markets, and the Museum of Egypt in Cairo. Our students were responsible to document this trip and have returned we several hours of exciting experiences.

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