S.T.E.P. stands for the Science and Technology Entry Program. This program is geared toward the youth to educate them in computer science. This program seeks to enable youth skills in math,science,and computer technology to better understand their local enviroment.Students participate in neighborhood study, develop and design their own web page ,research information about the community, and design projects to analyze neighborhood conditions. Students also gather pictures and video shots of the community and cooperates to produce a public service announcement.

The S.T.E.P program also provides the students with the opportunity to become educated in the fields of engineering, architecture, surveying, environmental testing, construction and landscaping. Since Clinton Avenue is the basic community around the 100 Black Men Center, (where S.T.E.P is held) students use their knowledge from the various fields to help meet the needs of the community.

This program is an asset to students who are willing to learn how to operate a computer. The program exposes students to web design,video editing,and software(Word,Powerponit,Photoshop,Imovie,SimCity). This program helps youth to become excited about the new technology that is being used  in society today. This program encourages youth to expand and develop their horizons. It also allows them to be creative and productive in a learning environment.