Ramell’ s biography

Ramell Terrell


My name is Ramell Jerome Terrell J.R. I am a hardworking citizen with lots of supports. I live at 11 Wilkins Ave, Albany N.Y. I live with my parents and with my little sister, named Latonya. I am an 11-year-old boy. I go to ASH, which means (Albany School of Humanities). I passed 5th grade and I am going to be 6th grader. My favorite movie star is Mculy Culkin.

I like to listen to R&B, Rap, and jazz. My favorite subjects are Math and spelling. I like to play basketball, some instruments, I-D-clear-War.

My favorite songs are "Wait A Minute" featuring Ray, Jay and Lil Kim. Also I like let me blow ya mind.

My favorite food is pepporoni and cheese pizza.