Quinn Evans

State University Of New York at Albany

Center For Urban Youth and Technology

1400 Washington Ave.

Albany, NY



Dear Jacob Ligabane,

Hi my name is Quinn Evans. I am thirteen years old. I am going into ninth grade this fall. I am going to be attending Columbia High School in East Greenbush, NY. Some things I am interested in are American football, swimming, sleeping, and food. My favorite foods are pizza, shrimp, and lobster. I live with my mother, sister, and my dog, Roxie. I especially liked the movie "Gone In Sixty Seconds".

What types of movies do you like? Do you like American football as well as soccer (football)? What is life in South Africa like? Is there a lot of wildlife around where you are?

For music I like to listen to rap, and punk rock. What type of music do you like?

Hope to hear from you soon.