Raymond Ncube


HI my name is Cammeron! I am eleven years old going to the seventh grade. I really have a lot of hobbies like playing kickball and especially volleyball. When there is nothing to do I get on my computer put in a music CD and go to something called sound recorder. Instead making the go-slow I make it go fast. On nice days my friends and me like to play basketball or race. I live with my mother butí since I go to my grandparents house so much it seems like I live there. I must add they are both good tennis players. I was born a month after you. Plus I was born in 1989.Im real well when it comes to soccer. Right now itís the season of summer and its real hot! So I go swimming. In Albany we have some great food. My favorite is fry dough. Some days me and my mom and my friends go to amusement Park called Great Escape. Itís a lot of fun. Im really into music like R&B and rap. My favorite male singer is Snoop Dog. My favorite female singer is Missy. She really has some nice beats in her songs. I love to watch Dragonball Z. itís my favorite TV show. If you ever come to Albany the hottest music station is Jamz 96.3. When you write back please tell me what is snooker and cricket. We donít have that here.




Cammeron Stanfield