133 Benson Street

Albany, New York 12206

Antonia Thompson

State University of New York

Center For Urban Youth

1400 Washington Ave

Albany, New York 12222

Dear Nomsa,

Hi my name is Antonia Thompson but, everybody calls me Toni , Toni the tiger or just Tiger. I was born May 11, 1987, as you would write it would be 11\5\87. I live with my mother Bynthia, my father Terrance and my three younger brothers Eric, Jemoni, and T.J. I just graduated from Philip Livingston Magnet Academy. I will be attending Albany High school this fall. I love to play softball, basketball and swimming. I love watching my little brother Eric who is twelve, play soccer. My favorite subjects in school are Social Studies, French, and Science. My sixteen and under softball team just won the President Cup and Park Championship. On my free time I like to play miniature golf and ride go-carts. When Iím not at a basketball or softball tournament Iím chilling with my best friend Michele. She comes to all my games because she canít stand leaving me with people she doesnít want me become good friends with. Sheís a good friend. I love to tap dance. I tap danced in my school play. My favorite foods are Mexican and Italian. I am very happy that I got to have pen pal and itís you. Keep in touch. If you every have any contact with a computer e-mail me at jiggawhat88@html.com, but if you canít then you can write me sense you love school so much.