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Bridging the Digital Divide in New York State:
      Assessment And Solutions Conference
Thursday May 3, 2001
8:00am - 6:00pm Campus Center Ballroom

Featuring Keynote Speakers
Mr. Paul Crotty, Verizon Communications' Group President 
for Public Policy and External Affairs-New York/Connecticut
Dr. Allen S.Hammond, IV, Professor of Law
SantaClara Law School

Panelists To Include:
Dr. Jerome Atkins - Dean, Excelsior College
James A. Mitchell - National Director of Education, Casio,Inc.
Lynn Reuss, Apple Computer
Dr. Les Rubinfeld, RPI
Sabrina Su, Federal Reserve Bank
Henry Louis Taylor, University of Buffalo

Sponsored by
Regent Joseph Bowman, Jr.,
School of Education, University at Albany, SUNY
Department of Educational Theory and Practice
New York State Black, Puerto Rican and Hispanic Legislative Caucus
and co-sponsored by
The Center For Urban Youth And Technology (CUYT)
Dr.Lois Blades-Rosado, Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center

  "The term 'Digital Divide' has gained much currency in the last three years. On the surface, the  digital divide is the gulf between those with computer and Internet access and those without it.  But the digital divide remains a major problem on both the social and economic fronts, requiring decisive and collaborative action on the part of government, education, and business sectors." (Simama, 2001)

  The purpose of this conference is to discuss the notion of the "Digital Divide" and the impact that it has on the people in the State of New York. The Black, Puerto Rican, and Hispanic Legislative Caucus has been instrumental in addressing early concerns about access and equity issues in the 90's.  Through their work, they were responsible for the creation of the Diffusion Fund initiative, provided support for e-rate technology funds for schools and libraries, and held several "Strategies for the Future" sessions to address a range of issues on technology, education, and access.

As we enter the new millennium, the Center for Urban Youth and Technology (CUYT), University at Albany, SUNY under the auspices of Regent  Joseph Bowman, Jr. is working with the Caucus to continue the discussion about the "Digital Divide" and the impact that it has on urban communities across our state 
and around the country .

  "The data reveal that the digital divide (the disparities in access to telephones, personal computers (PCs), and the Internet across certain demographic groups) still exists, and in many cases, has widened significantly.  The gap for computer and Internet access has generally grown larger by categories of education, income, and race." (NTIA, 1999)

This will be the first state-wide  conference held in Albany, New York presented by the Center for Urban Youth and Technology, and the Black, Puerto Rican, and Hispanic Legislative Caucus  at the University at Albany.  This conference  has invited several of the major organizations , government agencies, and business that are responding to the question of the "Digital Divide".  It will provide a larger forum for educators, community-based organizations, government, schools, and business to present evidence of initiatives that bridge the digital divide.  We will present our current state-wide findings concerning the digital divide, look at our specific areas of concern in greater detail, create  a proceeding of the conference for publication. and identify future steps that can be taken to support and improve the situation on a national and state-wide level.

This conference is dedicated to
Mrs. Violetta Bowman on her 89th birthday