How do I sign up for Community and Public Service?

You can stop by S112 anytime, the registration packet is on the door and available even when the office is closed.You can also get the forms from our website, You will then need to identify an organization you would like to volunteer with and contact them for a meeting. You can resource one or all of the following:  Organizations by Area of Interest list (also available in the office), the Alphabetical Organization list, the Campus Organization and Departments list and links to our and that will have current postings from organizations detailing their volunteer needs.

If you have an organization in mind and they are not on one of our lists, and if they are a public or non-profit organization, they will need to complete a form to become affiliated with our program. When you meet with the organization that you will be volunteering at, bring the Registration Packet with you. Have your supervisor complete the "Supervisor Permission" section of the packet and you complete the Student Information Form and the Student Integrity Declaration sections of the form. Return the completed paperwork to our office and we will then provide you with a permission number.

When I identify an organization, then what?
Call the organization and identify yourself as a SUNY student who is interested in volunteering for 60 or 100 hours for a fall/spring/summer semester. Ask what and if there are needs for volunteers for the organization. Share your interests and strengths to see if you can provide a needed service to them. Make sure that the organization has enough hours of volunteer work for you to fulfill your required RSSW hours. If everything sounds like it will work out, set up an appointment to meet with your supervisor at the organization to formalize your agreement and have them complete their portions of the Registration Packet.

My class permission number is not working, what can I do?
Check to be sure that the procedure below is followed, making sure that your class # is correct and the permission # is correct. • Go to MyUAlbany
1. Student Log, using your user id and password, sign in
2. After you’ve signed in at the top menu, select Academic button
3. Go to menu bar on left under “Steps to Enroll”, click
Enroll, Add or Drop select Add
4. In the Class# box, enter your Class#
5. Find Permission # window and enter Permission #
6. Then scroll down and select Next
7. Select Proceed to Step 2 or 3
8. On the Confirm Classes Screen, Click Finish Enrolling
9 .Look for the big green in the “Status Column” to be sure that the class was added successfully

If you still cannot add the class, one or more of the following things could be wrong
-You may not have added when you first received the permission # and you are trying to add after the late add deadline.  If so, you will need to return to CPSP office to get either a late add permission letter or a new permission #.
-You will be exceeding 19 credits adding this class, if so, you will have to go to the Undergraduate Dean's office to make a request to exceed 19 credits
-You have a hold on your account
-You have already taken and passed this same RSSW course
-You were given a permission # or class # that was incorrect or faulty

CONTACT CPSP to help resolve.

How many credits and what type of credits are available?
There are three courses that qualify for credits in the Community and Public Service Program. Three credits are given for RSSW 290 and RSSW 390, and two credits for RSSW 291. All three courses are graded S(satisfactory)/U(unsatisfactory). The courses are electives in all majors.

I'm a biology major, can I take RSSW 290, 291 or 390?
Yes, all three courses are available to students in any academic concentration or major.

When can I take RSSW 290, 291 or 390?
RSSW291 is open to all but first semester freshman. RSSW290 is open to all sophomores through seniors. RSSW390 is open to all students who have completed RSSW290 and RSSW291. EACH COURSE MAY BE TAKEN ONLY ONE TIME.

Can I take RSSW 390 before RSSW 290 or take both at once?
No. RSSW290 and RSSW291 are prerequisites for RSSW390 and must be taken prior to RSSW390. However, RSSW291 can be taken in conjunction with RSSW290 or RSSW390.

Can I get an incomplete?
Incompletes need to be requested using the Incomplete Request Form, found in the Forms and Documents section, prior to the end of the semester. A student must complete at least half of their volunteer hours completed and have a plan on completing the remainder of the hours and all of the written assignments and forms completed and turned in.

Can I change organizations?
Students generally complete their volunteer hours for an entire course with one organization. Occasionally situations arise where this is not feasible. Cases are dealt with individually. Students or supervisors should contact CPSP staff as early as possible should a concern regarding placement arise.

Can I work for money at my organization?
Volunteer hours to fulfill the RSSW course requirements cannot be paid. If you are or become a paid staff member at your organization you must have a plan in place with your supervisor to ensure the separation of volunteer service and paid service.

I would like to take RSSW 290. Please send me an SKN Permission Number so I can register.
In order to get an SKN for the course, you need to have a signed permission form from the organization where you will be doing your community service. Please read the answer to the question: How do I sign up for Community and Public Service?
Our course only closes when there is not enough time left for you to complete your volunteer hours. You will be able to add this when drop/add begins or as a late add. If you register late, your student account will be charged a late registration fee.

How will this course change my GPA?
RSSW290 / RSSW291 are Satisfactory (pass)/Unsatisfactory (fail) course, it does not affect your GPA. If you fail to complete course requirement you will receive an Unsatisfactory grade and no course credit will be given. RSSW390 is graded A-E and will affect your GPA.

What if it isn’t working out with my organization?
“isn’t working out” has many definitions. Let us know. Most situations can be easily resolved when addressed in the early stages. As a practice, we expect that students will complete their service with the organization where they have made a commitment to serve. We realize, however, that occasionally situations arise that are best addressed with a change of placement, however they are rare. We are confident we can assist students in resolving any and all concerns. We can help you by either helping to resolve the problem, or helping select another organization to complete your volunteer hours.

What if my organization doesn’t have enough hours for me?
Normally when an organization agrees to sponsor a volunteer it is with a commitment to provide enough opportunities to fulfill their commitment. On the rare occasion that an organization cannot offer enough opportunities please let us know. We will help direct students to another organization to develop a plan to fulfill their commitment.

What if I do not complete the course requirements?
You will receive a U if your course work is not completed. All assignments and hours need to be completed to receive a passing grade. If circumstances occur for which you feel that you will be unable to complete the requirements, you must complete an Incomplete Request Form and schedule an appointment with your instructor to discuss.
Once you successfully complete all requirements your grade will be changed to an S (satisfactory). University policy allows one academic year to complete Incompletes. After that the grade automatically changes to a U (unsatisfactory).