Michael V. Ellis


Ph.D. Ohio State University

Email: mvellis@albany.edu
Phone: (518) 442-5048

Professor Ellis joined the Department in 1984. His teaching and research interests include clinical supervision, supervisor training, clinical judgment, and psychometrics, research methodology, and statistical issues. He has authored book chapters, monographs, and articles on these topics in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, The Counseling Psychologist, Counselor Education and Supervision, The Clinical Supervisor, and the Journal of Counseling and Development. He also presents regularly with students at national and international conferences. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. In 1993, Dr. Ellis was a Fulbright Scholar in Trinidad and Tobago. He received the 2010 Distinguished Professional Achievement Award from the Supervision and Training Section of the Society of Counseling Psychology (Division 17, American Psychological Association).

Dr. Ellis is a licensed psychologist (NY) and an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS). He conducts workshops for clinical supervisors nationally and internationally. As a scientist-practitioner, he maintains a private practice, working with clients from early adolescents through the elderly representing a diverse array of ethno-cultural backgrounds with a wide variety of presenting issues. Although his practice is a general one, Dr. Ellis has expertise working with eating disorders, trauma, and medically related disorders.

Courses Taught

  • Regression analysis
  • Research design in counseling psychology
  • Clinical supervision and consultation
  • Counseling practicum and internship
  • Theories of counseling
  • Psychological measurement and assessment
  • Proseminar in Research in Counseling Psychology

Research Interests

  • Clinical supervision process and outcomes; supervisor training
  • Statistics, research methodology, and psychometrics
  • Clinical judgment
  • Career development

Representative Publications

Ellis, M. V., Creaner, M., Hutman, H. B., & Timulak, L. (2015). A comparative study of clinical supervision in the Republic of Ireland and the US. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 62, 621-631.

Ellis, M. V., Hutman, H., & Chapin, J. (2015). Reducing supervisee anxiety: A role induction intervention for clinical supervision. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 62, 608-620.

Ellis, M. V., Berger, L., Hanus, A., Ayala, E. E., Siembor, M. J., & Swords, B. A. (2014). Inadequate and harmful clinical supervision: Revising the framework and assessing occurrence. The Counseling Psychologist, 42, 434 - 472. Supervision and Training Section, APA Society of Counseling Psychology, Outstanding Publication of the Year Award.

Ellis, M. V., Hutman, H., & Deihl, L. (2013). Chalkboard case conceptualization: Integrating clinical data for treatment. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 7, 246-256.

Falender, C. A., Ellis, M. V., & Burnes, T. R. (2013). Response to Reactions to The Counseling Psychologist Major Contribution – Multicultural clinical supervision and Benchmarks: Empirical support informing supervision practice and supervisor training. The Counseling Psychologist, 41, 140-151.

*Rousmaniere, T. G., & Ellis, M. V. (2013). Developing the construct and measure of collaborative clinical supervision: The supervisee’s perspective. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 7, 300-308.

Son, E. J., & Ellis, M. V. (2013). A cross-cultural comparison of clinical supervision in South Korea and the US. Psychotherapy, 50, 189-205.

Son, E. J., Ellis, M. V., & Yoo, S. K. (2013). Clinical supervision in South Korea and the US: A comparative descriptive study. The Counseling Psychologist, 41, 48-65.

Ellis, M. V. (2010). Bridging the science and practice of clinical supervision: Some discoveries, some misconceptions. The Clinical Supervisor, 29, 95-116.

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Ellis, M. V., & Chartrand, J. M. (Eds.) (1999). Advanced quantitative methods in counseling psychology, part 2 [Special Issue]. The Counseling Psychologist, 27, 483-588.

* Co-principal investigator
Underlined names denote student co-authors