Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology


The Ph.D. Program in Counseling Psychology at the University at Albany provides an integrated scientist-practitioner training model and has been continuously accredited by the APA since 1980. The Ph.D. program involves full-time study in courses, seminars, practica, internship training, and dissertation.

The required curriculum encompasses four basic areas (a minimum of 76 credits, with a maximum of 30 transfer credits):

  1. A professional core in counseling psychology (including theory, research and practice in areas of intervention, assessment, and career development)
  2. Research design, measurement, and statistics
  3. Core psychology coursework
  4. Supervised practica at the Psychological Services Center

With additional requirements of:

  1. Demonstrated competence in a specific research tool (e.g., Multivariate, Test Construction, Qualitative Methodology)
  2. Assessment Demonstration
  3. A first-authored conference presentation and a first-authored empirical manuscript submission to a peer-reviewed professional journal.

Extracurricular Requirements:

  1. Passing a comprehensive doctoral qualifying examination (DQE)
  2. A 2,000 hour APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship
  3. Dissertation demonstrating ability to conduct scholarly research in counseling psychology

Scientist-Practitioner Model

Counseling Psychology: What is it?