University at Albany

Council Members

The members of the Council are prominent citizens, often from the Capital Region and the New York City Metropolitan area. Their backgrounds are diverse with careers in business and education, government and non-profit organizations and various professions. The Council Chairs have been notable civic leaders including, for example, a former Mayor of Albany (Thomas Whalen), a former Judge (John Holt-Harris), and a founder of one of Albany’s older law firms (J. Vanderbilt Straub).

2014-15 University Council Members

Daniel C. Tomson
Michael J. Castellana '84, MBA '92, Chair
Guilderland, NY
Robert P. Balachandran
Robert P. Balachandran, Esq. '88

New York, NY
Nancy Burton
Nancy Burton

Albany, NY
Patricia A. Caldwell
Patricia A. Caldwell MBA '75

New York, NY
James Clancy
James M. Clancy
Delmar, NY
Mark Eagan
Mark Eagan

Menands, NY
John R. Fallon, Jr.
John R. Fallon, Jr., Esq. '77, MPA '81

New York, NY
James Jackson
James O. Jackson, Ph.D.

Albany, NY
Abner JeanPierre
Abner JeanPierre
MPA '93

Latham, NY
Nick Butler
Nick Butler
Student Representative

Binghamton, NY


Faculty Representative
Cynthia Fox
Glenmont, NY

Graduate Student Representative
Bryant E. Barksdale
Amsterdam, NY

Alumni Representative
Joseph N. Garba '02 & '05
New York, NY





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