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UAlbany student in a labIn accordance with New York State Public Officers Law, Article 7, meetings of the University at Albany Council are open to the public, other than the portion of the meeting that may be held in executive session under the provisions of the same law. In accordance with Executive Order No. 3, audio recordings and the minutes from the meetings will be made available on this web site after the meetings. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will take place in University Hall, Room 306.

Scheduled Meeting Dates

2015 - 2016 Meetings

  • December 4, 2:00 p.m., UNH 306
                       Meeting Agenda
                       Minutes of the September 25, 2015 Meeting
                       Report of the Graduate Student Representative
                       Recording of University Council Meetings
                       Resolution - Recognition Opportunity in the Academic Support Center
                       Resolution - Recognition Opportunity in the University Libraries

    2014 - 2015 Meetings

    2013 - 2014 Meetings

    2012 - 2013 Meetings

    2011 - 2012 Meetings

    2010 - 2011 Meetings



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