Teaching and Research that Prepares for Success

The Department of Computer Science’s  15 faculty members and undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students form a community of scholars at the leading edge of today’s Information Society.

Computer Science subjects complement the disciplines of mathematics, science, economics, business, art, philosophy, geography, linguistics, rhetoric and communication, psychology, and sociology.

The computer science majors combine many topics in computing practice with mathematical material on its foundations, including prediction and modeling of efficiency, meaning and form in programming languages, and the fundamental limits of computing.

Students with primary interests in particular applications of computing can combine a major in computer science with a major or minor in another discipline. Such combinations may be attractive to prospective employers because of today's growing demand for well-prepared specialists.

Groundbreaking Research

Faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research involving everything from natural language processing to artificial intelligence to computational geometry. Students benefit from affiliated research centers, such as:

Chair, George Berg, PhD.,

George Berg is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, and has served as chair since September of 2006.  He has been a member of the Computer Science Department since 1988. He has also served as interim director of the University's Center for Information and Forensics Assurance (CIFA).  His primary research interests are machine learning, protein bioinformatics and computer and network security.