Important Dates

February 14
UNDERGRADUATE degree application deadline. Submit via MyUAlbany.

March 7
Commencement Registration link on MyUAlbany now available.

March 21
GRADUATE degree application deadline. Submit via MyUAlbany.

Degree Application Deficiencies: must be corrected by March 28, 2014

April 14
Commencement Registration application deadline. Submit via MyUAlbany.

Beginning Feb. 10
Regalia for Ph.D. degree candidates available through the University Bookstore.

Beginning March 24
Regalia for Bachelor & Master degree candidates available through the University Bookstore.

March 26 & 27
Grad Fest at the University Bookstore. Diploma frames, class rings, announcements and other related items will be available.

April 1
Last day for Ph.D. candidates to purchase custom regalia through the University Bookstore.

April 14
Last day to rent Ph.D. regalia through the University Bookstore.

May 1 (preferably earlier)
Dissertations due to Office of Graduate Studies.

Saturday, May 17
9:00 a.m. GRADUATE Commencement Ceremony
at the SEFCU Arena (Doors will open at 8 am)

Sunday, May 18
10:00 a.m. UNDERGRADUATE Commencement Ceremony
at the Entry Plaza (open at 8:30 am)

May 21
All rental regalia must be returned to the University Bookstore.


To Prepare For Graduation...


1.    Verify Your Eligibility to Graduate

2.    Submit Your Degree Application!
Select the "Apply to Graduation" link on MyUAlbany to submit your degree application for May 2014.  Degree applications must be submitted by the deadlines listed below to ensure that your status will be cleared to participate and that your name will appear in the official program.  Only students who have completed ALL of their degree requirements, and therefore are officially graduating, need apply.
Deadline for submission:
February 1
4 UNDERGRADUATE degree application deadline.
March 21 GRADUATE degree application deadline.

3. Complete Your Commencement Registration Form
Once your degree application is submitted, the "Commencement Registration" link will become available for you on MyUAlbany. Simply select the Academic tab on the top of the homepage; then search the left side of the page for the “Graduation” sub-section. Here you will find the following links: Apply for Graduation, Check My Diploma Status, and the Commencement Registration Form. ALL DEGREE CANDIDATES MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM, regardless of intent to participate in commencement related events, to confirm post-graduation contact information to ensure that your diploma is mailed to your most current address.

4. Stay Connected With Us
Follow us on both Facebook and Twitter.
All official communication will be distributed electronically to your UAlbany e-mail.

5. Share Information With Family
Sign your family up to receive updates via e-mail when you complete your Commencement Registration.

6. Clear Any Financial Holds
All financial obligations must be satisfied to issue a diploma.

7. Tickets
Tickets are NOT REQUIRED for the University-Wide Ceremonies.  Please consult your academic department for guest policies concerning individual recognition ceremonies.

8. Purchase Your Cap & Gown and Other Related Items

Beginning March 24, regalia for Bachelor and Master degree candidates will be available through the University Bookstore.  Doctoral regalia is currently available.

March 26 & 27 is Grad Fest at the University Bookstore. Diploma frames, class rings, announcements and other related items will be available.

Proper academic regalia is required to participate in the Commencement ceremony. The University Bookstore will sell souvenir bachelor’s and master’s regalia and will have high quality, custom Ph.D. regalia available for purchase or rental. Please contact the bookstore for further details -
University Bookstore's website or phone (518)442-5690.

Other related items can be ordered using the links below.
Class Rings: or
Diploma Frames: Church Hill Classics or Framing Success

9. Flag Bearer Selection Policy
If you are interested in commemorating your academic achievements at graduation by carrying a flag, contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services via e-mail. Please include your full name, student ID, degree to be earned, department/school or college issuing the degree, and your phone number. If you are an international student, and wish to carry your country's flag, please include the name of your home country. Only flags of countries represented in the graduating class will be part of the processional. If you have questions about selection, please review the Flag Bearer Selection Policy.

10. Honors Medallion
Students anticipated to graduate with honors will receive a letter a few weeks prior to graduation from the Dean of Undergraduate Education notifying them of their honor status.  Students may opt to present this letter to the University Bookstore to purchase an honor's medallion to wear as part of their academic regalia.  There is one style of universal honors medallion available for purchase.  A student's distinct honors status will be denoted in the commencement program.  Honors degree candidates are computed using the cumulative grade-point average as of mid-April, and a projection that the student will have earned 56 or more credits at UAlbany, of which a minimum of 40 credits are A-E graded.  The official recorded honors status will be recalculated when May 2014 grades are recorded and will appear on the graduate's diploma. 

11. Legacy Students
The Legacy Program, for a student or alum who has a parent or grandparent who is a UAlbany alum, recognizes families for their continued generational support and helps legacies stay connected through special programs and events.  If you are a Legacy, e-mail  Loida Vera Cruz with the following information: your name, degree (if applicable), mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. Also include the same information for your family members who also attended UAlbany. Special seating is available for legacy families at the main university-wide commencement ceremonies.

12. Yearbook Photos
For more information, please contact The Torch.

13. Donate to the Senior Gift.
Leave a lasting legacy by supporting the 2014 Class Gift through the UAlbany Fund. The focus of the 2014 Class Gift is UAlbany Unite, a fun and interactive fundraising contest for our student groups. Check out the project at Support this effort by making a donation to the UAlbany Unite project, or by making a gift to your school, college, department, athletic team, or countless other areas of the university. All gifts made by the senior class and their parents count toward the 2014 Class Gift! The names of all seniors who have contributed, or whose parents have made a donation to the 2014 Class Gift in honor of their graduation, will be listed in a special section of the Commencement Program.  Please make your donation by Friday, April 4th to ensure listing the Commencement Program and to be entered into a raffle for VIP Reserved seating at the commencement ceremony.  You can donate quickly and securely at our online giving page

14. Take Part In Your Alumni Association
Stay Connected. Make UAlbany Stronger!
We take great pride in each of our graduates and want to ensure your further success.  For further details on the Alumni Association, please visit: