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Laboratory Members


Stephanie Ann Kazanas
(BS, University of Scranton, 2008; MS, Shippensburg University, 2010; MA, University at Albany, 2013; PHD, expected 2015)

Stephanie is a 4th-year student in the Cognition and Language Laboratory. Prior research has included critical thinking scale development, "The CSI Effect," and the mediating influence of verbal ability on problem-solving performance. Her research within the Laboratory has focused on emotion word processing (in both English monolinguals and Spanish-English bilinguals), survival processing, and translation difficulties for Mandarin-English bilinguals. These projects have been presented at several conferences, including Association for Psychological Science, Midwestern Psychological Association, The Psychonomic Society, and International Symposium on Bilingualism. Stephanie's work on the impact of survival processing on attention, using an N-back task, has been published in Schwartz, Howe, Toglia, and Otgaar's (2013) volume, What is Adaptive about Adaptive Memory? An additional work, examining the role of valence in emotion v. emotion-laden word processing is currently under review in Cognition & Emotion.

Email address: skazanas@albany.edu

Hugh Knickerbocker
(BA, Marist College, 2006; MA, Marist College, 2008; MA, University at Albany, 2011; PHD expected 2014)

Hugh recently published an article, Differential Repetition Blindness with Emotion and Emotion-Laden Wordtypes, related to his Master's thesis research work investigating the Repetition Blindness (RB) effect with emotion and emotion-laden words in Visual Cognition. He is interested in the relationship between cognition and emotion and bilingualism. He is currently conducting research on the build-up and release of proactive interference with emotion and emotion-laden words, the influence of emotion on eye movements while reading, and the semantic and affective links between emotion and emotion-laden words using an affective priming paradigm. He has completed a book chapter on Bilingualism for Linguistic Relativity and Bilingual Cognition: A Different Way of Thinking which included research into RB with bilingual participants, in addition to co-authoring a chapter on using priming effects to measure second language learning that appears in the volume entitled Insights from Psycholinguistics: Applying Priming Research to L2 Learning and Teaching.

Email address: hknickerbocker@albany.edu



Jennifer M. Martin
(BA, College of St. Benedict, MN, 2012)

Jenny is beginning her second year in the Cognition and Language Laboratory after enjoying her first year of classes and research at the University at Albany. She is working on several projects, including work on hemispheric effects in processing and memory for concrete, abstract, emotion, and emotion laden word types, and a methodological contribution in the form of a new word norm project with cognate analysis which she will be presenting at the 2013 Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting. She is generally interested in bilingualism and its effects on both language and other cognitive processes, such as memory and executive control.

Email address: jmanderson@albany.edu

Crystal Robinson
(BA, Coe College, 2011)

Crystal recently finished her first year of coursework as a Ph.D student after spending a year teaching English in the Basque region of Spain. She is primarily interested in language processing from a second language perspective, specifically second language organization and usage. Within her first year she has completed a book chapter on culture and language processing in the Routledge Handbook of Language and Culture. She presented research relevant to the chapter at the 30th Annual Winter Roundtable, Columbia University, New York, NY. Her current research within the lab includes investigating the potential adaptive component of memory from a bilingual perspective. She is also working on a collaborative project investigating creative perception and production across cultures.

Email address: cjrobinson@albany.edu